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If any of you are looking for ways to participate in Giving Tuesday (or any charitable giving during the holiday season), I just got an email from the Archaeological Institute of America: Support Field School Scholarships this #GivingTuesday

I will include the body of the email below, if anyone is interested. I've seen a lot of charities being promoted today, but the AIA is not one I ever would have thought of, and it is a good cause. When I was in college, I very much wanted to participate in a summer field school on Rapa Nui, but it was not covered by my school's financial aid, and at the time there were no scholarship opportunities. I would love to see an archaeology student now have the chance to follow their dreams and not be held back by financial constraints like I was. :-)

Dear Friends of AIA,

Black Friday... Cyber Monday... Give back on #GivingTuesday!

We have a day for giving thanks. We have two days for getting deals. Today is a day for giving back.

Your gift today will kickstart the AIA's field school scholarship fund drive!
  • invest in the archaeologists of the future by providing deserving undergraduate students with the opportunity to join a field school

  • inspire an appreciation and understanding of world cultures, both ancient and modern

  • ensure that archaeology and the lessons of the past are accessible to students who couldn't otherwise afford this critical field experience

Please give now by clicking here or by calling 617.353.8709.

Each year we receive more and more scholarship applications from deserving students. With your help, in 2013 we will be able to expand the field school program to double the number of students who receive a $1,000 scholarship!

My first field school was truly a life-changing experience. Not only was it a first step into my intended career, but also it was a character-building environment that changed perspectives about my world and myself. Stepping into the unknown with a dozen strangers takes a great deal of mental fortitude alone, especially when that unknown turns out to include temperatures of 120° F and a striking new culture. However, the challenges mean little when one is given the opportunity to explore the magnificent wonders of ancient Egypt and to work in a place like Amarna.
—Jessica Galea, University of Illinois at Chicago and 2010 scholarship recipient for the Amarna Project, Egypt.

Over the course of weeks, our small working group bonded into that ineffable sense of a team that I've only encountered a few times before. Here was history, here was archaeology's gift to the world: a real, tangible connection to our past existence. Leaving the U.S. for the first time and visiting the restored tourist sites in Belize was fantastic, but nothing compared to the experience of fieldwork and of being that first renewed link of human interaction. It is an experience I wish more people shared, if for no other reason than it supports the maintenance and conservation of archaeological sites.
—Andrew Nicholl, University of Texas at San Antonio and 2011 scholarship recipient for the University's Mayan Archaeology Field School in Belize.

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to [supporters of] the Archaeological Institute of America for contributing to my education with the 2012 Field School Scholarship. My trip would not have been possible without their generous support. This fall, I am transferring from community college to Stanford University to finish my bachelor's degree, and I am thrilled to continue my education in archaeology. My experience in Gotland has proven formative for my course selection this autumn, and I am excited to learn more about bioarchaeology and GIS as I begin to think about graduate school. I will always cherish the memory of working at Fjaele this summer, and I hope to return some day.
—Ethan Aines, Stanford University and 2012 scholarship recipient for the Gotland Archaeological Field School.

Please give now by clicking here or by calling 617.353.8709.

Thank you for your generous support!

Yours sincerely,
Peter Herdrich

Learn more about the Jane C. Waldbaum Archaeological Field School Scholarship Program here.


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