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A Polish historian may have found lost "Nazi" treasure
A Polish historian claims he found the location of the long-lost Amber Room, a treasure assumed lost after Nazis stole it during World War II.

After scanning one of Poland's most well-preserved Nazi bunkers, located 60 miles from Kaliningrad, Bartlomiej Plebanczyk is "almost certain" he has located the long-lost chamber in a hidden underground room, according to Express.

Stolen Thracian-Roman Silver Mask Helmet restored
A very rare Thracian-Roman mask helmet made of iron and silver, which was stolen in a brazen museum robbery back in 1995, and was recovered by the Bulgarian intelligence in 2015, has now been restored and showcased once again at its home, the Plovdiv Museum of Archaeology.

The mask helmet, which is dated to the 1st century AD, was discovered in 1905 during archaeological excavations in a burial mound in the Kamenitsa Quarter in the city of Plovdiv.

Building on Shells: Study Starts to Unravel Mysteries of Calusa Kingdom
Centuries before modern countries such as Dubai and China started building islands, native peoples in southwest Florida known as the Calusa were piling shells into massive heaps to construct their own water-bound towns.

Water storage made prehistoric settlement possible in Amazonina
The pre-Columbian settlements in Amazonia were not limited to the vicinities of rivers and lakes. One example of this can be found in the Santarém region in Brazilian Amazonia, where most archaeological sites are situated in an upland area and are the result of an expansion of settlements in the last few centuries before the arrival of Europeans. This is concluded by a research team consisting of archaeologists from the University of Gothenburg and Brazilian colleagues.


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