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If any of you are looking for ways to participate in Giving Tuesday (or any charitable giving during the holiday season), I just got an email from the Archaeological Institute of America: Support Field School Scholarships this #GivingTuesday

I will include the body of the email below, if anyone is interested. I've seen a lot of charities being promoted today, but the AIA is not one I ever would have thought of, and it is a good cause. When I was in college, I very much wanted to participate in a summer field school on Rapa Nui, but it was not covered by my school's financial aid, and at the time there were no scholarship opportunities. I would love to see an archaeology student now have the chance to follow their dreams and not be held back by financial constraints like I was. :-)

Text of the AIA email )

Learn more about the Jane C. Waldbaum Archaeological Field School Scholarship Program here.
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Bulgaria claims to find Europe's 'oldest town'

Princess tomb unearthed in Egypt

'Island of Blue Dolphins' Cave Possibly Found
(If any of you live in CA, you'll likely have read the book by Scott O'Dell in fourth grade... I'm pretty excited right now)

8,500-Year-Old Murder Mystery Uncovered

Small lethal tools have big implications for early modern human complexity

'Vampire' Skeleton Rediscovered in Britain

Humans Caused Historic Great Barrier Reef Collapse

Mongolia and the Altai Mountains: Origins of genetic blending between Europeans and Asians

Desecrated ancient temple sheds light on early power struggles at Tel Beth-Shemesh

Early Human Ancestors Ate Grass

Mayan Bones Reveal Painful End During Spanish Conquest

Mercury poisoning ruled out as cause of Tycho Brahe's death

'It’s not like CSI': The science of the search for Richard III

Archaeologists identify oldest spear points

Neanderthals May Have Sailed to Crete

Scientists improve dating of early human settlement

And in somewhat trivial matters, I found it kind of hilarious to see these two headlines on the same page:
'Hobbit' Banned as Name for Hobbit
Dino Named After Lord of the Rings' Sauron
So in other scientist is prohibited for using a Tolkien name for a real-life species, the next day another names a species of dinosaur with a Tolkien name from the same franchise. Why not?
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Hi everyone, so sorry I have been AWOL the last month. And as DW's reading page only goes back 2 weeks, I was only able to catch up on the news from Nov. 1 on, apart from some stuff I'd bookmarked elsewhere throughout October. So here is a somewhat patchy version of the back news items for the second half of October:

Firstly, [personal profile] steorra shared an article from The Guardian following up on one of the previously posted articles about an "ancient" statue of Buddha carved from meteorite. According to The Guardian, there is now some doubt about the antiquity of this carving:

Study suggests that Alexandria was built to align with rising sun on birthday of Alexander the Great

Cat discovers 2,000-year-old Roman catacomb

Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing

Lost Tomb of Nebamun Found?
(Here is the research paper on it, if anyone speaks German:

Forensic Science Demonstrates Accuracy of Roman-Era Mummy Portraits

And an animated "Glimpse of Teenage Life in Ancient Rome"

Updates for November 2-15 coming right up!
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Tomb of Alexander the Great's Wife and Son Possibly Discovered Near Serres

Egyptian mummy had mouth full of cavities

Skulls From Sacrificial Rituals Found in Temple

Ancient Climate Record Kept in 11 Miles of Ice

CSIC researchers find the exact spot where Julius Caesar was stabbed
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Ancient Buddha Carved From Meteorite

La Bastida unearths 4,200-year-old fortification, unique in continental Europe

Ancient Burial Shroud Made of Surprising Material

Egyptian toes likely to be the world's oldest prosthetics

Amazonian tribal warfare sheds light on modern violence, says MU anthropologist

Tomb of Maya queen K'abel discovered in Guatemala

Oldest evidence of regular meat consumption by early humans found

Dating encounters between modern humans and Neandertals

Human Carbon Pollution Traced to Roman Times
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All week I was impatiently waiting for Sunday to roll around so I could post about all the craziness going on in archaeology this week, and suddenly it's Monday and I forgot to post yesterday?! Sigh. (I should have posted on Thursday like I originally wanted, lol)

The Crazy Rise and Fall of the Jesus Wife Thing
A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus' Wife

Jesus' Wife and Other Bible Rewrites

The Gospel of Jesus' Wife: The Story is Moving Fast!

Papyrus text 'that may show Jesus had a wife' sparks academic debate

Doubts Over Harvard Claim of 'Jesus' Wife' Papyrus

Gospel of Jesus's Wife is fake, claims expert

'Jesus Wife' Papyrus Deemed a 'Clumsy Forgery'

The Gospel of Jesus' Wife: How a fake Gospel-Fragment was composed

I don't know about you guys, but I busted out the popcorn as soon as I saw the first story. I knew this week was going to be all sorts of fun XD

And elsewhere in the world of archaeology

The curse of King Tut's man-boobs: Was Tutankhamen killed by disease which gave him breasts?

(I've seen a lot of theories about what killed Tut and it seems like they're getting more and more ridiculous as time goes by.)

First Ever Etruscan Pyramids Found in Italy

Alexander: Cross-Dressing Conqueror of the World

Celebrate "Talk Like a Pirate Day" With The Queen Anne's Revenge Lab

Roman Mosaic Found Under Farmer's Field

Ancient Tooth Shows Oldest Sign of Dentistry

Humans were already recycling 13,000 years ago

Neanderthals May Have Worn Dark Feathers

Dictionary completed on language used everyday in ancient Egypt (Demotic)

Khoe-San peoples descendants of earliest known human diversification event

Challengers to Clovis-age impact theory missed key protocols, new study finds

Unique tombs found in Philippines

Archaeologists discover funerary chamber more than 1,000 years old in Michoacan
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Mexican archaeologists enter, for the first time, a 1,500 year old tomb in Palenque

Egyptians 'close' to finding Cleopatra's tomb

Excavations in Jaffa confirm presence of Egyptian settlement on the ancient city site

Bones and artifacts found in hunt for the wreckage of the Franklin Expedition

Race to save Alaskan Arctic archaeology

Maya Murals Found in Family Kitchen

First Temple-Era Reservoir Found in Jerusalem

Massive German War Plane Wreck Found

Roman military camp dating back to conquest of Gaul throws light on part of world history

Medieval Shipwreck Found in Danube River

Rome bans lovers' padlocks to safeguard ancient bridge
(This article made me laugh, although I probably shouldn't have XD)

And several more headlines re: Richard III, including the possibility that his body has been found. In chronological order:
  1. Archaeological dig inches 'tantalizingly closer' to possible burial place of King Richard III

  2. Human remains discovered in search for King Richard III

  3. Battle-Bruised Skeleton May Be King Richard III

  4. King Richard III search in new phase after 'discovery has potential to rewrite history'
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Ancient Poem Praises Murderous Roman Emperor Nero

Archaeologist says that Google Earth "pyramids" not pyramids but natural mounds

Couple Finds Deep Well Under Sofa
(I'm intrigued by the sword at the bottom of the well and interested to learn more about this, hopefully some follow-up articles will appear)

Pieces of Amelia Earhart's Plane Located?

Cambodia: Bathing children find ancient statues

Roman Curses Appear on Ancient Tablet

Grave of Richard III May Be Under Parking Lot

Scientists sequence the genome of Neandertal relatives, the Denisovans

Ancient activity identified by new mapping method at Senefru pyramids in Egypt's Dahshour

Three generations of Roman graves found alongside "miraculous" textiles at Maryport

Stone Age Figurines Found Near Jerusalem

Lao skull earliest example of modern human fossil in Southeast Asia

Climate Change Killed Egypt's Pyramid Builders

Multiple factors, including climate change, led to collapse and depopulation of ancient Maya
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Sorry for going so long without keeping up with posting on here, everyone. This summer was pretty catastrophic for my family, there were some unexpected deaths and lots of other fun stuff. I would like to go back and post what I missed, but I have not read my DW reading page since the end of June, and that's where I have all my science-related newsfeeds synched to, so I really have no idea what happened over the last six weeks or so in the world of archaeology. Rather than try to backtrack, I think I would like to try to start from scratch. Here are two headlines I saw on other social networking sites over the last few days that seemed pretty big to me:

Two previously unknown sets of heavily worn down pyramids discovered in Egypt by Google Earth

Scott's wrecked ship Terra Nova found off Greenland

Maybe people could post in the comments about any other exciting archaeology news that they might have heard over the last two months or so? And I will try to get back on a regular posting schedule with the news here. :-)
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So sorry for falling behind on the archaeology news! This loooong post should catch us up. Posting the links behind a cut because there are so many...

June archaeology news )
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Previously unknown 2,500-year-old language discovered in Turkey

WWII fighter plane found preserved in the Sahara

Ancient Egyptians Tracked Eclipsing Binary Star Algol

Mystery of the domestication of the horse solved

Early Man Shared Florida With Mammoths

Earliest Evidence of Biblical Cult Discovered

GW professor's research on ancient ballgame reveals more about early Mesoamerican society

This one courtesy of [personal profile] steorra!
Easter island heads have bodies!??

Mayan Ruins Describe Dates Beyond 2012 'Doomsday'

(Kind of unrelated, but I work at an after-school program and one of my sixth graders recently confessed that he was completely terrified because he'd heard all of the "end of the world" stuff and thought it was true. I'd explained to him the real deal about the Maya long count which seemed to reassure him, but I think he'll be doubly relieved to see this, lol.)
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Smuggled Cargo Found on Ancient Roman Ship

Genes shed light on spread of agriculture in Stone Age Europe

'Inhabitants of Madrid' ate elephants’ meat and bone marrow 80,000 years ago

Oldest Human Ancestor Found in Lake Sludge (Somewhat misleading headline on this one...)

Iceman Lived a While After Arrow Wound

Scientists recover the world’s oldest human blood cells from Ötzi the Iceman

Columbus May Not Have Been First to America (That headline made me go, "You don't say!")

New UF study shows early North Americans lived with extinct giant beasts
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Cleopatra and Antony's children rediscovered

Warning signs from ancient Greek tsunami

Swedish Stonehenge? Stone structure spurs debate

Titanic wreck site gets UNESCO protection

Study finds significant skull differences between closely linked groups

What's in a surname? New study explores what the evolution of names reveals about China

Greek and Byzantine-era tomb discoveries in Alexandria prompt construction freeze

A day in the life of an archaeological surveyor

Biblical plagues really happened say scientists

And more about the controversial ossuary...

Ancient 'Bone Box' Called Oldest Christian Artifact

Hebrew inscription appears to confirm 'sign of Jonah' and Christian reference on ancient artifact
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Genetic study unravels ancient links between African and European populations

Discovery of foot fossil confirms 2 human ancestor species co-existed 3.4 million years ago

More info and pics about this followed with this article:

Burtele foot indicates Lucy not alone

Scientists find evidence that human ancestors used fire one million years ago

Young Mammoth Likely Butchered By Humans

DNA traces cattle back to a small herd domesticated around 10,500 years ago

Rare animal-shaped mounds discovered in Peru by MU anthropologist

Discovery of the first evidence for Pre-Columbian sources of Maya Blue
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Viking Mice Live On

Spotting ancient sites, from space

Madagascar Founded By Women

Did Belief in Gods Lead to Mayan Demise?

Hoard of Roman Coins Found in England

Archaeologists reconstruct diet of Nelson's Navy with new chemical analysis of excavated bones

Ancient civilizations reveal ways to manage fisheries for sustainability
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University of Bristol archaeologists unearth slave burial ground on St. Helena

Statue, chapels and animal mummies found in Egypt by U of T team

Data support theory on location of lost Leonardo da Vinci painting

Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany

Video: The Search for the Aqua Traiana

Abydos finds include Hatshepsut in female form (this article contains links to multiple articles about the find)

Mystery human fossils put spotlight on China

The Real-Life Libyan Ocean's Eleven (Kind of disappointing that this article glamorizes the crime, but what do you expect from a popular news outlet?)
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Finally, things are picking up again and I can post a WEEKLY update! So, to start, who even knows what's going on with Neanderthals this week...

European Neandertals were on the verge of extinction even before the arrival of modern humans

Tomb exploration reveals first archaeological evidence of Christianity from the time of Jesus

Japanese-Egyptian team starts restoring King Khufu's second solar boat

Iceman May Hold Earliest Evidence of Lyme Disease

Mythic Warrior Is Captive in Global Art Conflict

Nubian skeletons reveal secrets of ancient times

Revealing the newly re-erected colossal statue of Amenhotep III

A New 17th Dynasty Pharaoh discovered
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As mentioned in the signal boost at the end of this post, National Geographic is airing a reality show about "treasure hunters" called DIGGERS! Apparently, Spike TV also has a similar show coming out next month called AMERICAN DIGGERS. I just received this letter from the Archaeological Institute of America and wanted to share it here.

Dear AIA members,

The AIA has learned of two new TV shows that promote treasure hunting to find archaeological objects. National Geographic's "Diggers" airs tonight and Spike TV's "American Diggers" will air next month. Both shows feature metal detectorists and at least one ("American Diggers") emphasizes the commercial value of the found objects. The AIA believes that these shows promote the looting and destruction of archaeological sites.

The AIA has joined several other groups including the SAA, SHA, and RPA in voicing concern about these programs and the negative messages they send about cultural heritage and its recovery. Links to copies of the SAA and SHA letters can be found at the bottom of this letter.

We would like to ask you, our members and archaeology enthusiasts, to send letters and/or e-mails to the companies involved asking them to alter the message of the shows and to provide disclaimers during the airing of the show that makes it clear that what the shows are promoting is unethical and in some instances may even be illegal. We hope that they will engage in a meaningful dialogue with archaeologists about the illicit practices they promote.

Elizabeth Bartman

Voice your Concern

Spike TV
Scott Gurney and Deirdre Gurney
Gurney Productions, Inc.
8929 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 510
Los Angeles, California 90045

Kevin Kay
President, Spike TV
1633 Broadway
New York, New York 10019

Send comments or questions regarding National Geographic Channel television programming:

There are also Facebook Pages where you can comment.
One is a "People against American Diggers" Facebook Page:!/pages/People-against-Spike-TVs-American-Digger/193110227460512

If you would like to add comments to the Spike website, please visit the comments section at the bottom of the following page:

The Spike TV announcement is available at:

See Letters Submitted by the SAA and SHA

SAA Letters:
http ://

SHA Letters:


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